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Taking care of your skin after a treatment such as a peel or microderm is just as important as getting your treatment.

Benev’s Aftercare Kit can help with that! The Aftercare Kit is designed to reduce signs of aging, remove skin imperfections, hydrate, and calm the skin. Using the right products after any treatment such as laser or chemical peels are just as important as your daily skincare routine. The Benev Aftercare Kit is a post-procedure home care regimen designed to reduce signs of aging or remove skin imperfections. It contains Hyaluronic Moisturizer, Pure Squalane, Essential Lipids, and Silicone Spray. Using this kit will help keep your skin happy, healthy, and beautiful!

The BENEV Aftercare Kit is engineered with pharmaceutical-quality active ingredients to optimize the results of cosmetic treatments and procedures and provide the skin with a smooth, healthy appearance. The kit is specifically recommended for use after laser, IPL, and chemical peels, or for chronic dry skin.



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