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The Osmosis vitamin A serums are the most powerful age-reversing serums available. Calm is our level 2 vitamin A serum, designed for moderately-sensitive skin types who desire a dramatic restoration of the skin rejuvenation process. It encourages the skin to calm inflammation, restore the protective barrier, increase skin nutrients and immune repair, rebuild the thin dermis, normalize oil, hydrate, firm and protect skin from UV rays.



“I'm converted. I thought the whole Osmosis spiel was just marketing – but after six weeks of using this and Catalyst my skin is looking much better. I only need one pump of each so it should last a good amount of time. Other people have complained it rubs off on white sheets but they must have been applying this in bed. It dries very fast so staining is not an issue. There is a slight staining of the skin when applied but it actually makes me look better and it doesn't last. Not offensive but could smell nicer”

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