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This wonderful formula is designed to improve overall joint health but many people find it helps discomfort in many painful conditions. The frequencies are designed to balance disharmonies associated with pain receptors.

Note: Joint Health is safe for children and has no side effects.

  • May provide relief
  • Harmonizes joints
  • Harmonizes pain signals


“Joint Health has made my knees feel the best they have felt in 20 years! My wife will attest to the fact that for years she would see me hobble down the stairs clinging to the handrail on my first trip or two in the morning. Accidents from sports took a significant toll on me over the years. Within 30 days of starting Joint Health it dawned on me that I had to retrain myself on how to walk down the stairs normally because the pain had been reduced that much, maybe 40%.”

“After being on Joint Health for about 10 months and Restore Internal for 5 months, I heli-skied one of the most challenging mountain ranges in the world. After multiple days of brutal terrain (but fun too), I was amazed that I had no pain in my knees. And I did not experience 2-4 days of pain following this excursion, like I had become accustom to for so many years.”

“I am not sure how much of my final progress is due to Restore versus Joint Health, but the combination enable me to excel at sports the way I could 20 years ago.At the time of this writing, I have been on Joint Health for about 20 months now and Restore Internal for 14 months. The value of these products has been priceless!”

American Spa | Professional’s Choice 2014

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