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With an Invigorating fresh scent that awakens and energizes the senses, Osmosis Colour Mineral Hydration Mist can be sprayed throughout the day to rehydrate and plump your skin with moisture. Fantastic for traveling in dry climates. Great for men as an after-shave with it’s hydrating and calming benefits.

  • Concealer and moisture stick in one for dual benefits
  • Available in four rich, gorgeous colors to match any complexion perfectly
  • Works with foundation makeup for blend-able and build-able coverage
  • Enhances the skin’s natural moisture barriers for enhanced protection from environmental age-factors
  • Moisture stick hydrates and plumps the skin of the lips and around the eyes


OMG you need this! I Love Jane Iredale’s Pommisst, but this is going to replace it as my new favorite. Perfect in every way. This is going in my purse for mid-day refresh.”


Oncology Friendly*

*The recommendation and use of these products should be done by professionals trained in Oncology Skincare to ensure safe and effective use. Some products may not be recommended for certain types of cancer of during certain stages.


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