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Restore corrects inflammation and damage in every organ and cell in the body. It strengthens the immune system and heals protein oxidation resulting in a reduced rate of aging, while promoting a return to complete wellness.

Restore is a revolutionary new nutraceutical that combines modern technology and an ancient Chinese medicinal herb. A well-researched, specialized extract of Sweet Wormwood achieved FDA approval in Kenya for its remarkable ability to increase the health and strength of your immune system. When your immune system is strong, it is capable of correcting virtually every disease and imbalance the body may face. Restore removes toxins, reduces inflammation and repairs protein damage, thus providing the tools the body needs to heal itself.


“I have been dealing with melasma for almost two years as a result of birth control pills and finally have found a product that works. I have tried everything…chemical peels, IPL, hydroquinone and retinol, and while the melasma lightened slightly, it was still there. I happened to come across your website after I was at my wit’s end trying to find something to make the melasma go away. After one month of using the Osmosis Restore products (the internal and topical), I am finally seeing a significant difference. I truly believe that melasma is an internal problem and wish that more doctors had the insight like you to heal the issue from the inside. Thank you for your work and I promise to spread the word to my friends that suffer from the same frustrating problem.

“I am loving the RESTORE—I am sure I can see a difference in my pigmentation, and I have had aching hips for over three months now and they have stopped aching!- I am 99% sure it is from the RESTORE drops.”


American Spa | Professional’s Choice 2014

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