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Making skin care smarter since 2002 and “Green” since the beginning, our collection of trusted, anti-aging skin care treatments satisfies your savvy appetite for quality with ground breaking technologies not available in the “typical mainstream skin care” market. At SIRCUIT®SKIN, we give you the straight up facts, and list all of our ingredients proudly. Our formulas are specifically designed to help maintain your skin’s important moisture balance (pH), resulting in maximum skin protection and a more vibrant, youthful appearance. Also, be confident to know that all of these skin health treatments are super concentrated pure product, formulated without the use of parabens, fillers, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances, and of course, everything we do is cruelty free! Have fun and enjoy. Now go wash your face! 🙂

7 piece essentials collection sample set includes:

  • x-trap™+ | daily gentle face wash
  • molecular mist™+ | hydrating moisture care
  • white out™+ | daily under eye care
  • day care™+ | protective day moisturizer
  • sircuit addict™+ | firming anti-aging serum
  • cloud 9™+ | intensely protective moisture creme
  • sir activ™+ | zeolite invigorating scrub



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