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WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX is a distinctive formula that safely and effectively brightens and lightens skin with beneficial moisturizing properties. Utilizing an innovative blend of proprietary lightening ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade botanicals, this high performance formula concentrates on not one or two but all five mechanisms that cause hyperpigmentation. By disrupting communication between melanocytes and keratinocytes, decreasing melanin with tyrosinase inhibitors, exfoliating, reducing inflammation, and providing unparalleled antioxidant protection, WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX is a powerful formula for lighter, healthier skin.

  • Inhibits tyrosinase enzymes that produce melanin
  • Increases hydration of the skin
  • Protects and preserves skins lipid barrier with bio-identical lipids
  • Provides controlled exfoliation
  • Paraben-free

is clinical innovative skincare

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